If you are thinking of selling your home and you want Buyers, lots and lots of Buyers then you have come to the right place!

In addition to the dozens of buyers we are currently working with, we have developed two exclusive marketing plans that target additional Buyers locally, nationally and internationally.

Our online, social media, newspaper and magazine ads reach more buyers than anyone you know, simply because our objective is to find you a suitable Buyer wherever they may be, even if it means advertising your home in distant places like Europe, China or South America.

Whether your home is large or small, we have a marketing plan to sell them all.



If your home is worth $750,000 or more then our 2019/2020 Diamond Standard Luxury Marketing Book is for you.

We understand that your home is in a special class that requires a unique marketing plan that targets high-income Buyers in multiple languages locally, nationally and internationally, with or without the MLS.

Our mission, goal, and challenge below say it all.

OUR MISSION: We believe in challenging the status quo, by marketing your home in multiple languages to millions of potential Buyers locally, nationally and internationally, so we can sell your home for top dollar to the right Buyer in the shortest possible time. Our mission is local, our reach is global.

OUR GOAL: To accomplish our mission while delivering an amazing client experience we hope, will culminate in an all-inclusive vacation for 2 or an all-inclusive cruise for 2.

OUR CHALLENGE TO YOU: Compare our marketing plan to that of any Realtor you know. You will find that when it comes to marketing and selling your home, our marketing is second to none.

THINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOME? Put our marketing to work for you!



Download our 2019/2020 Gold Standard Premium Marketing Book here (For homes under $750,000)

Download our 2019/2020 Diamond Standard Luxury Marketing Book here (For Homes over $750,000)
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